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Tournament Results

Club Championship Flight
   1st Landon Hollenshead  139
   2nd  Brett Cornelius  145
   3rd  Marvin Kendal  156
   4th  Corey Hill  157
   5th  Denny Mellott  165

                Men's White Tees Championship
   Flight 1                                                         Flight 2
John Mixell  153                                          Chris Munson  167
Larry Strawoet  157                                     Jim Truax  176
Russell Harmon  160                                    Sage Minteer  177
Marcus Huston  164                                      Donnie Truax  181
Keith Arnold  166                                          Johnny Buterbaugh  183

                         Senior Club Championship (Forward Tees)
      Flight 1                                                                      Flight 2
Fred Peck   158                                                       Marty Marcus   163
Jim Wright 159                                                       Bob Estep  169
Chris Kennedy  163                                                Emmert Banzhoff 170
Carl Piper / Bill Yocum  165                                  Greg Souders  174
                                                                      J. Warwood / Gr. Johnston   178
Ladies Club Championship

Rose Plessinger   191
Pam Arnold   200
Molly Schooley   205

July 30, 2023
Two Day Calcutta Results

       1st Place (in a playoff)
     Rose Plessinger and John Mixell 160
     2nd Place
     Ronnie Zimmerman and Scott Crunkleton  160
     3rd Place in a playoff
     Doug Doyle and Lucas Carbaugh   161
     4th Place
     Shane Pittman and Marty Marcus   161
     5fth Place Tie
     Bob Drey and Jim Truax
     Larry LeCompte and Chris Munson   163

RESULTS: Pick Your Partner We Pick Your Team 


1st - 122    Larry Strawoet, Ellis McQuade, Carl Piper, and Richie Smith 

2nd - 124   Bronson Earley, Ryan Earley, Toby Souders, and Brian Ramsey    

3rd - 124    Dustin Doyle, Lucas Carbaugh, Mike McCusker, Dean Hamburg 

4th - 126    Fred Peck, Mark Defibaugh, Frankie Plessinger, Rose Plessinger 


SKINS that Clear $210 Each

     Eagle on 11 - John Mixell

     Birdie on 12 - Bill Yocum 


Closest to the Pin 

     4- Leighton Henry 

     6- Carl Piper 

    12- Jim Wright

    16- Frankie Plessinger 

   White Tees Low Gross
1.  Garrett Powell 69
   2.  Doug Dofflemyer 74
   3.  John Bujet 74
   White Tees Low Net
1.  Gina Betta 65
   2.  Toby Souders 66
   3.  Xavier Buterbaugh
   Foward Tees
Low Gross:  Chris Kennedy 73
   Low Net:      Fred Peck 67

June 4, 2023
Member/Guest Tournament Results
     Gross Flight
1st: Landon Hollenshead / Ryan Coccagna 67
2nd: Chris Kennedy / Tyler Smith 74
3rd:  Corey Hill / Bill Washabaugh 75
     Net Flight 1
1st: Jeff Kuhn / Donnie Reid 59
2nd:  Bob Drey / Scott Keller 62
3rd:  Ryder Hileman / Jason Hileman 62
     Net Flight 2
1st:  John Heuston / Tom Pastor 67
2nd:  Jeff Gelvin / Mark Downs  67
3rd:  Kyle Richmond / Trevor Runk 67

MAY 28, 2023
First Place:     Mike McCusker/Dean Hamburg*
Second Place: Jeff Gelvin/Chris Kennedy
Third Place:    Fred Peck/Russell Harmon**
   *winner in a playoff with Gelvin/Kennedy
   **winner in a 3 team playoff with 
        Fix/ McQuade and Plessinger/Marcus

May 7, 2023
Top 5 place winners:

First Place score: 126
Mark Weller, John Mixell, Bob Drey, Rick Strait
Second Place score: 128
Larry Strawoet, Jamie Knepper, Chuck McClain, Ron Zimmerman
Third Place score: 130
Corey Hill, Mark Defibaugh, Marty Marcus, Josh McCloskey
Fourth Place score: 130
Drew Hostler, Kyle Richmond, Dean Hamburg, Mike Paylor
Fifth Place score 131
Carl Piper, Fred Peck, Dave Washabaugh, Shane Pittman

April 16, 2023
Members AD/BC Scramble
Top 5 place winners:
A big congratulations goes out to the 1st Place Team of Evan Appleby, Russell Harmon, Andy Ritchey, and Michael Paylor.  I would ask everyone to take a moment and be grateful for what we have and what we have been given. Michael is a great example. Last year he was faced with the battle of his life, which left with his leg amputated. Not only did he win that battle, he is showing up at the course and giving it his all. That in itself is amazing, but even more amazing is his ability to stay positive and persistent. 

First Place score: 143
A/D   Evan Appleby - Mike Paylor
B/C   Russell Harmon - Andy Ritchey

Second Place score: 145
A/D   Mike McCusker - Wayne Sowers
B/C   Richie Smith - Scott Crunkleton

Third Place score:  145
A/D   Drew Hostler -  Rose Plessinger
B/C   Toby Souders - Chase Varner

Fourth Place score 146
A/D   Bob Paruch - Josh McCloskey
B/C   John Mixell - Jim Johnston

Fitth Place score 146
A/D   Carl Piper - Tim McGarvey
B/C   Bob Johnston -  Dustin Doyle